Our park is full of fun things to do: Water Zone, swimming pools, jumping pillows, mini golf…the list goes on and on! And while you’ll certainly never get bored with all our activities and amenities to partake in, camping trips just wouldn’t be complete without a few family outdoor games! We decided to compile a list of our favorite outdoor games for our campers to try out this summer! Take a look and get ready for a vacation full of fun!

1. Camping Bingo

Scavenger hunt meets bingo! These cards combine everything that’s great about camping and make you go search for them. Get five in a row and you win! Check out the link from from the blog Glue Sticks and Gumpdrops below – there’s even a free printable!

via Glue Sticks and Gumdrops

2. Outdoor Twister

Twister is fun inside or out! Grab your set from home (or make your own) and challenge your friends to a game of Twister in the sun! Bonus: it doesn’t even hurt when you fall in the grass!

via Oliver Kliewe

3. Bean Bag Toss

Home-made bean bag toss! Turn some frisbees upside-down, print out some numbers, and you’re all set! Get your bean bag on!

via Modge Podge Rocks

4. Outdoor Yahtzee

An easy and fun craft for the kids to do before the camping trip! Then the whole family can enjoy a rousing game of Yahtzee on a summer night! Who will get a Yahtzee first?

via The Pinning Mama

5. Stargazing

Our park is perfect for getting out in nature and taking it all in – why not take advantage of being away from the city and check out the stars? Print out this nifty constellation guide from Lulu the Baker and get started on bringing out your inner astronomer.

via Lulu the Baker

6. Camping Charades

Fun for the whole family! Everyone gets to bring out their best acting skills and make their team guess things like a dog driving a car or a bunny chopping firewood. Print out this list from Moms & Munchkins for some great ideas!

via Moms & Munchkins

7. Washers

Washers is a game that can be played at anytime! Before you hit the Water Zone, or during your evening campfire. See how good you are a ringing it in!

via Amusing MJ

8. Flashlight Scavenger Hunt

When the sun sets, and the s’mores have all been eaten, grab a flashlight and go on a scavenger hunt around the park! Search for pine cones, marshmallows, and sticks, all with just a flashlight! Just be sure to find them before the other team does!

via Life is Sweeter by Design

9. Outdoor Jenga

Build your own Jenga set or purchase one, either way, this life-sized set will be a blast for the whole family! Find out who has the most steady hands!

via Lemon Thistle

10. Storytelling

Nothing beats a good campfire story. Make one up, or take a look at these “scary” stories from She Knows! They’ll have your kids laughing all week long!

via She Knows

Now that you have all these great ideas, you can start planning for your trip! And we have more where that came from! Check out our Pinterest page for camping tips and tricks, recipes, and more fun ideas! Give us a follow at @LazyRiverNY.

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