If you frequent our Facebook page, you know that we love sharing super cool gear that makes camping even better through our #TechTuesday posts! Here’s some more insight to a product you all thought was truly awesome: The Sand-Free Multimat from CGear.

Imagine the floors of your tent, camper, RV or cabin as dirt or sand-free. It’s possible! With the CGear Sand-Free Multimat, you can minimize the amount or dirt or and tracked into your living quarters, and also your outdoor spaces, while camping.

CGear describes the Sand-Free MultiMat on their website as:

MAT is developed to be staked down into the earth permanently therefore well suited for R.V / outdoor living to replace ugly concrete slabs. The MAT has D-Rings positioned around it to firmly stake it to the earth. The best way to see how the MAT fits into your outdoor life is look at it as an extension to your tired ground sheet or canvas. Replace these with the innovative sand-free ground sheet. The MAT has a dual layer weave which is resilient and developed to place picnic chairs and tables on a solid ground. We recommend to lay on top of a towel or blanket should you wish to lay directly on it to add more comfort.

Check out this awesome product that was featured on our Facebook at CGear’s website, http://www.cgear-sandfree.com/products/sand-free-mats/sand-free-mat.html

Photo by CGear