Planning a family trip can be stressful – especially with young kids! We’re here to help you have the best vacation ever without all the hassle. Read below to find out some of our best tips and tricks!

Find the right accommodations

It’s important to choose sleeping accommodations that are the most comfortable for you and your family. Want privacy? Make sure there’s a space for you away from the kids. Seeking something more modern and luxurious? Check out which accommodations have amenities of their own. All in all, look into the various options that are available and choose the best one that fits your family’s needs.

Check out the amenities

It’s hard enough to plan room accommodations, but figuring out what activities your family wants to do is another thing. Take a look at which amenities are included in your vacation rental before booking. There might be more than you expected! You can view all the amenities Jellystone Park™ offers here.

Look for deals

Speaking of saving, many family destinations have deals available at time of booking. Be sure to look at different dates since prices tend to vary depending on the time of year. Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™ has specials ranging from a percentage off of your entire stay to a full night free of charge! Who knew saving could be so easy? View all our deals here.

Pack Light

Perhaps the most stressful of them all is what to pack. How many times have you brought a ton of stuff on vacation only to use a quarter of it? Most people tend to overpack for their vacations, creating unnecessary stress and hassle. For ease of mind, only pack the essentials for you and your family. Often times, vacation destinations have a store where you can buy items you may have forgotten or were just too big to pack. Take advantage of this amenity as much as you can!

Be Mindful of Schedule Planning

When booking a trip, it’s hard not to fill your vacation with activities one after another, but having such a tight schedule can be stressful, too. Try and find a nice balance between activities and relaxing so that you don’t get burned out on day one. When in doubt, follow your child’s lead. If they seem to be getting tired, it might be best to relax for a few hours before going onto the next activity.

Explore Nearby Attractions

One of the best parts about planning a vacation is going somewhere new! Be sure to visit Minnewaska State Park (only a 15 minute drive) for tons of hiking trails and beautiful waterfalls.

Most Importantly, Have Fun

Through all of the hassle of scheduling and packing, take some time to sit back and soak up all the fun you and your family are having. Remember to take lots of pictures while creating lasting memories!

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